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    My phone won't boot. I am able to get into recovery mode, and have cleared data and cache, but that didn't fix things. When plugged into my computer, Windows file manager recognizes my phone as a CD drive. Android Commander is the only way I can see my files...but still, I'm unable to edit them, because I "don't have root access" (even though my phone is rooted).

    Pugs1957 helped me find a ROM for my device (THANKS!), but since I can't get the file onto my SD card, I'm still stuck. I really don't know what to do (I'm a noob). I've been wondering what I could come up with using adb. I would like to either get the ROM onto my SD card somehow using adb commands, or somehow bypass the boot animation altogether (since that's the file that is damaged), and go straight to my phone's setup wizard.

    Is any of this possible?
    10-24-2016 07:26 PM

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