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    I had a Droid Maxx and could adjust the volume of my notifications separate from my ringer volume. With my Droid Turbo 2 this is not an option, why was this changed? Is there a way to change this? Also is there a way to get a notification of another call coming in while talking on another. It goes to voice mail. Is there a way to change this?
    10-24-2016 09:13 PM
  2. the tall guy's Avatar
    Hi, you should be allowed to change the volume for anything on the phone using the rockers on the side. Are they perhaps hidden, when you press volume down, do you have a small arrow pointing downwards that reveals more volume option when pressed? are you trying to change the volume while on a call (cause this won't work)

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    10-31-2016 10:19 AM

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