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    I have a galaxy trend plus . now i have the problem that my picture gallery is not working. Where my pictures sre ment to be seen there is only gray squares, sometimes theres nothing like they woudl not exist and one time there was a broken picture image. i have videos there too and sometimes i remember it was ably to play them, but the pictures are not to be seen. The thing here is that i think it is the memery that is failing, there is not muchs of it, i have cleared different caches, mooved programs to sd card to make space, tryed to open the gallery in the camera. Nothing seems to work. On the sd card is only one program to be seen so i guess that sadly i did not have the pictures storaged on it ? at least it not showing on the sd card info . So i think the pictures are storaged to the main memory, but this is not verified fact but this is what im assuming. Now my question what i liked to know is that what should i do, i thought that is there a possibility to somehow connect my phone to some other phone or tab that has a larger memory and by this be ably to open the pictures with the help of the better memory of the other device, or can i contact my phone to the pc and open the pictures there or something ? or what other solutions there might be .
    10-25-2016 09:47 AM
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    If the files are being sent to you by people running iPhones, and they're larger than 300KB, you won't get pictures, you'll just see boxes where a photo would have been displayed. Make sure that's not the case. (iMessage can send large pictures but, since Apple won;t allow anyone else to use iMessage, Android phones can't receive them.)
    10-25-2016 11:42 AM

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