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    I have oppo neo3 r831k (rooted), 4.2,2. I observed that everything got better. There was a new data monitor, when I checked from running apps it was just my old system data monitor. Whenever I changed my 3g service to another sim, it needed a restart, but not anymore. Also stero effect gone better. Even there was no system update settings which were wifi - network select and auto -manual update. I checked if my phone updated itself and I found that it didn't. Also I have turned off every automatic update and I always update my phone manually. If you think that it may updated itself then I also want to tell you that my both Sims are password protected and if phone trunk off because of update it need password to turn on and that never happened. I only updated google application before it happened. I am really freaked out. Help!
    10-27-2016 11:04 AM

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