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    I like to walk or cycle listening to my phone. I have tried a few bluetooth devices, found a nice sports one which has excellent sound and noise cancelling, but like all other bluetooth devices the charge lasts 4 hours max. Ok for a walk before work or after lunch on a weekend, but for all day on the trail useless. I have tried lots of wired ones, all the simple earbud types fall out. The over the ear ones are best but while most of them have excellent or good sound quality listening to stored or streamed audio from my LG G4, only the older ones I still have give reasonable sound and no crackling using the FM radio, which I use on my daily cycle to work. I bought a more expensive Philips SHQ1400LF labelled "sports" but while sound from stored audio is greeat, radio sound is poor with lots of hiss and crackle. I suspect its the kevlar wires shielding the wire and phones us the wire as the aerial. I know I can just plug in a very cheap set of buds and send the audo to the blutooth sports headset for good sound ( an option of the G4, and option on my old HTC HD2, not an option on most phones with FM Radio). Does anyone know of a good set of wired ear buds with over the ear holders which wont fall out, fit under a bicycle helmet and give good sound for radio? (Its not a problem in winter as I can use the cheap wired earbuds and they are held in by my silk balaclava which I wear under the helmet).
    10-27-2016 03:51 PM

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