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    i loaded marshmallow and didn't initially do a selection for whether i wanted to use mem card as internal or not - i didn't know what the pro/con were for each option to did some research before choosing a setting...when i went back a bit later to settings to make a selection, there was no option to do that. also no option to load a chip or remove a chip.

    now, i can't access anything on the mem card; can't move anything to it either (pictures, apps, etc). i've tried to access it by usb to computer and taking the chip out and putting it directly in reader on comp or via usb adapter. no go. the phone doesn't show that this chip is even installed.

    also have the issue where the computer is saying device malfunctioned and/or automatically just goes for charging rather than allowing access to the memory.

    getting error messages about memory full - for the 8 gb that comes with the phone as internal memory; not for an add'l 32 gb that's on that mem card.

    phone is not working correctly as result.

    i've removed almost all apps - need to back up some stuff before removing the rest but backup is not happening due to memory full error. i can see all the thumbnails for the pictures but can't access them to move them off the card - and those are what is taking up a chunk of the 8 gb internal memory.

    so there are two issues: making the memory chip accessible and removing those thumbnails from the 8 gb internal memory.

    what do i need to do??? thanks!!!!

    and yes, i realize i need to do a factory reset - i need to access that 32gb first though!!

    10-28-2016 03:00 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    If you didn't make a selection, the phone selected "internal" - so there's just a lot of internal storage - no "card". Format the card (you may lose some apps) as external and you'll have the card back. (But you'll lose the ability for the phone to automatically store apps on the card.)
    10-29-2016 01:35 PM

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