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    I'm really attached to my S5 and I don't want to upgrade until the S8 (if it makes the grade)
    I use stylus pens absolutely all the time and hate not having one!
    I've tried a lot of different types, including bluetooth connect types, all the way to a cheap disposable one with horrible rubber tip that dragged and pulled!
    I did purchase one online that for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of! It came with a case and instructions told me to keep blue tooth on and to make sure device was paired to it, etc... I did all these things, and the bloody $200 thing was soooooo inaccurate and laggy! It was not designed for the S5 I learnt in the first 10 seconds after I charged the thing for the first time.

    I've been through a few Logiix pro's , even though they're really made for iPhone... They seem to be easy to find and last while not being too heavy and bulky.
    I'm really looking for something light, and one I preferably don't have to replace the nips at all. I like the accurateness when it's a bluetooth and recharable piece as well.

    This is the place to ask! So besides the obvious, switching to the note, which I may do.... (I just really like my S5 lol.... It's running 6.0.1 but I'm partial to certain thingsvabiut it notes don't ) What are my best options that would be as close to the S pen as possible ?
    Thx a bunch !!!!
    10-28-2016 11:08 PM

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