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    I purchased a HTC 10 through Sprint with one of those leasing plans in July. My phone just stopped working for no reason, so I thought the Uhh Ohh protection would be a great idea. So I sent my barely used, in perfect condition phone to HTC. Last Saturday I received back a Frankenstein phone, spent 5 hrs on the phone with sprint trying to activate the phone. The meid and imei were completely different numbers instead of being one number off. I finally talked to a 3 rd level engineer and he said no way this phone can be added to sprints database because even though it boots up and says sprint it is a gsm phone not cdma, he told me to call htc and tell them so send another phone. So I did and they told me their rma dept was not open until Monday. Instead of shipping me a new phone. So I called first thing Monday and they submitted a ticket to their escalation dept and told me I would hear back in 3-5 days!!!! No I am not joking any other company would have next dayed a phone because they screwed up. Not HTC!!!Oh and the lady asked me if I bought my phone at Walmart and if it was prepaid no it was a sprint phone that's what I sent you. What you sent back is not my phone at all.It is now a week later and I still have not heard from them, I still don't have a phone that works and I am still paying for a phone. Anyone have any advice???? This is ridiculous, how does a company treat its customers like this?
    10-29-2016 11:01 AM

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