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    Hi, i am new to this forum so any assistance is much appreciate.

    My partner has a Galaxy S4 mini i9195. She clicked a link in an email which obviously contained some malicious code as her phone started deleting apps, rearranging te home screens and the once day it finally just died.
    The phone didn't appear to attempt to power up, no boot signs, icons nothing. However when plugged in to the laptop or wall charger the battery icon would appear (all grey) then disappear with no other signs of movement.
    I was however able to get into recovery and download mode. I wiped cache partition and tried rebooting the phone with no success. I tried wiping/factory reset from the recovery window, but this did noting.
    Last resort, i downloaded the original firmware and odin to try flash the phone completely. I connected the phone to odin through the phones download mode and Loaded the .tar.md5 firmware file to odin. Odin proceeded to install the firmware but the progress bar never budged, then it came back as a fail. Now the phone wont turn on at all, it is as if the phone has no battery, there is no life in it at all.

    Please Help, any assistance is much appreciated.
    10-30-2016 06:59 AM

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