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    I recently bought a new Solid-State hard drive, and re-installed Windows 7 on it. Everything is great, and it's fully updated.

    My problem is that while my LG Optimus G E980 phone will charge via the USB cable, I can't "open" it in My Computer, to transfer pictures, music, etc.

    I have tried downloading the driver from LG's Website (LGMobileDriver_WHQL_Ver_4.1.1), but when I run it, I get the following message:

    "The Microsoft MTP driver is not found on your system. Please install Windows Media Format Feature Pack using Download Link for your media device to work correctly."

    It then provided me with a link to download this. However, when I do that and run the update, I get told the update is not applicable to my computer.

    Whether I try to install this update or not, it doesn't matter, because the driver installation tells me it was installed successfully. However, judging by the icon in my Taskbar with the red/white "X" and the fact that my phone still won't connect, it hasn't.

    Yes, my phone is set up to ask me what I want to do when connected to the PC, and Media sync (MTP) is selected. Here's the kicker... remember, I have two hard drives. When I boot using the other hard drive, the phone connects with no problem. Same USB cable and port. Therefore, this is DEFINITELY software-related.

    Thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks.
    10-31-2016 07:45 PM

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