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    TL;DR: What is the better phone between the HTC 10 or Moto Z Play Droid?

    So after Microsoft's decision to focus it's mobile division on enterprise and Verizon's decision to neglect Windows Phone users for many years now I've reluctantly decided to switch to Android. I've had a Windows Phone since Windows Phone 7 and am seamlessly integrated into Microsoft's platform. The last Android device I've used was a Galaxy SII and that thing was God awful. I've never used a phone as laggy and borderline unusable as that one. I even installed Cyanogenmod on it to see if it would help at all but to no avail. My friends tell me that Android is no longer the lagdroid I've come to know it as. Is this true? I've always been drawn to Windows Phone because no matter what I would throw at it or how long I've had it, it would remain just as snappy as the day I bought it.

    I currently have an HTC One M8 for Windows and I love it but I tried to use an iPhone power brick to charge it when I was on a camping trip and didn't realize the brick wasn't powerful enough to charge it so it just ended up turning on and off all night effectively killing my battery. I currently get about 2 hours of battery life with light usage. I can't go on carrying the charger around with me so I believe it is time for me to upgrade and because of Verizon this means switching to Android because that seems like the only viable option.

    When I walked into the store two phones caught my eye; the HTC 10 and the Moto Z Play Droid. The motomods seem interesting but how practical are they? There seems to not be many out right now, are they planning on making more soon? How thick is the phone with the battery pack mod on it? My only question about the HTC is if the metal shell scratches as easily as my One M8 did?

    It seems that if I want more battery life and the slight modularity I should go for the Moto but if I want an easier to hold and more attractive device I should go for the HTC. Since I'm definately not an Android expert I thought I'd ask the experts what device I should be stuck with for the next few years instead of choosing by my uninformed self. What do you think?
    10-31-2016 09:39 PM
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    I used to be a WP guy myself. then switched to samsung when android and iohone had 2 apps I needed for work, and had the note 5 which was great. when it got water logged i got an HTC 10 and couldnt be happier. great phone. seems like every week there is something i discover that makes me appreciate it all the more.
    04-01-2017 11:57 PM

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