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    Long story short, my friend challenged me to hack his smart TV, so i used an app on Play Store that bypass wifi's password by WPS bug. Then my phone got rebooted while using it. After it booted up, it connected to his wifi. But since that day, sometimes when i connect to a wifi ( mostly after the last boot for a while ), it will reboot by itself. I removed the app and it still doesn't work. I also noticed that when i connect to a wifi, it won't tell me in the popup which wifi i'm connecting to anymore ( Usually when i connect, it has a popup dialouge : "Connected to nameofthewifi wi-fi", but now it say "Connected to wifi" instead. And also under the wifi icon in notification bar, it doesn't show up either [ originally it looks like this https://imgur.com/a/p078Q , but now it doesn't show TDuong ]. I asked the developer of the app and he said the app only reads the system, it didn't change it.
    Is there anyway to fix this without re-installing thd firmware? Thanks in advance
    Device model : SM-A800I
    Version : 5.1.1

    P.s : the app reads the file at data/misc/wifi, so i think the problem will be in this area
    11-04-2016 12:02 PM

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