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    Pokemon Go was launched after I had my phone for several months, and I was really excited having played the games... well, my whole life.
    A couple updates later, and the app starts crashing a lot. So, I nix it and re-download it. It works fine, but a new update and it happens again. An update or so later and the software won't even render the map properly, let alone any of the Pokemon. Nixing and re-downloading the app doesn't solve the problem. I keep up hope until Halloween Month (October). The app updated shortly before then and now I cannot even download the game, but my sister can. So she got to take advantage of the dank spoopy Pokemon and I lost out and can only cry, and the only difference between either of our phones are the apps on them.
    That is it. I have google maps, but I figured a few more apps had to be responsible for this tragedy. So I put my phone through a factory reset and now it works.
    Pokemon Go loaded fine, all my stats are there and everything is going swimmingly except that I missed out on the Spoopiest and arguably best month of the year.
    And lost faith in the internet gods.
    11-04-2016 12:25 PM

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