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    So , i was browsing the internet , and then suddenly the browser crashed (it exited from it ,and went to desktop). Then i reopened it , and i continiued to browse the same things i browse almost daily. Then when i wanted to type something my keyboard just dissapeard , and i had to type again. It goed like this until the browser crashed and my phone started to open apps , like google play store , with an ad. Then started to opene messages , ali express( i don;t have my credit card saved). I got scared and i shuted it down. When i opened it , it goed the same. I did a factory reset , but it didn;t worked. When i turned off the internet connection , it was fine. I opened it fast to get malware bytes, then turned it off again. I got 23 malwares. All of them were system apps like (web view , ad and something....), so i couldn't delete them. I rooted my phone and got an app called (no bloat? it removed system apps). Then i started to delete the system apps that were viruses , and everything was fine. I went back in the (no bloat??? idk the name exactly) and then went again to the system apps. All the systems i deleted were back there. I shuted my phone down , scared, and now when i opened it , it is in the locking screen but just with the background image , so i can't use it. Please help me , i don;t have money for a new phone!!!
    11-07-2016 12:29 PM
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    Reflash the stock firmware.
    11-07-2016 01:38 PM

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