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    Z Force Droid running 6.0.1 and default Phone "app." I have a Spam contact set up that I add tele-marketer #'s and it's set to send all calls straight to voicemail. What I've noticed is when a Spam # calls, I will get a notification saying a Spam call has been sent to voicemail, but it doesn't specify the phone # and the call doesn't appear anywhere in the Call History (Recent or Missed or All).

    Is that just how default Phone app works?

    I know it may seem weird to want to know the specific # of a call which I don't want to answer in the first place, but I'm mainly curious because when I had this same set up on my previous phone (Galaxy S4), the Spam #'s did show up in the call history.
    11-10-2016 03:27 PM

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