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    I own an htc one m9 and the glass on the rear camera cracked and eventually broke off.things like water and dust would get onto The actual camera lens making my pictures fuzzy and foggy,over time sand would get onto the camera lens and scratch the surface.after dealing with crappy picture quality for two years I decided to buy a new rear camera and new glass to cover and replace the one that cracked and broke off.I ordered a camera and glass for my phone model and replaced it myself.I was careful and and sure i did everything correctly.I put the phone back together with the new camera attached and I turn on the phone.I saw that the quality of the pictures greatly improved but I quickly noticed that my camera will not focus on objects further then 12 inches away.its almost as if its stuck in micro focus.everything further then that and its just a blurr because its out of focus.I tried to change the settings to landscape focus and portrait focus and auto focus but its of no use.the phone is simply stuck on the micro/text focus and won't focus on anything further.is anyone else having this problem? And if so,what can I do to get my phone to focus on things further then 12 inches away?
    11-12-2016 08:19 PM

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