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    Hello guys, am supposed to have posted this a long time ago, but now am chanced.
    i Have a samsung s4 verizon (I9500). i wanted to downgrade it from android 5.0 to 4.2, but whenever i try to flash the new firmware with odin i get an error ( Nand Write start.... Fail(Auth)). So i tried flashing a cmw recovery using rom manager, it just flashes, but when i try to reboot to recovery, i still get the same custom recovery. after trying to flash the recovery many times, i think the recovery partition got bricked. cus when i try to boot into recovery, i get an error saying: (Start Up Failed: your device didnt start up successfully. Use the verizon Software Repair assistant on a computer to repair your device) I didnt get how to use the verizon software repair....., but since my phone was still booting up normally, i reall didnt bother, i just kept on trying to flash a new recovery, but was still receiving the same error. so about a week ago, i was playing with my build.prop and i edited a property(ro.build.recovery.... cant really remember the name) after that i tried rebooting my fone the next day, and it just stuck on the samsung logo b4 normal boot. i guess it must have been the value i changed in the build prop. I have tried flashing a new firmware with odin, but i still get the same error (nand write fail(auth))
    Now in summary this is my problem
    My samsung s4 wont boot up.
    My samsung s4 wont boot into recovery mode.(I get startup failed)

    What i have Tried doing
    1. Tried flashing new firmware with odin= i get an error saying, Nand write fail
    2. Tried flashing new firmware with heimdall= i get an error saying "Can't confirm end of file transfer sequence"

    please any body with a posible solution.
    11-14-2016 07:36 AM

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