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    So I recently came back to the US from South Korea with the intent of staying here permanently. So I upgraded the phone on the plan that I already had with Verizon to a Galaxy s7 (my previous phone had long been paid off so I just kept the line despite being abroad). Of course a few months later I am not only missing South Korea, but my friend tells me there will be an opening at her great school in a few months and she can put in a good word for me.

    So there is a high chance I will be going back to South Korea in the next few months but I have this new Verizon s7 on my hands that I am not sure what I will have to do with. Is it possible to use it over there? I am more than willing to pay for the phone if I can use it there but otherwise I would just sell it back to the store for whatever amount they would give me. Any help/insight would be appreciate
    11-15-2016 07:16 PM
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    😎The best qualified to answer the question is -Verizon.com-
    most carriers offer the roaming feature: Used by travellers
    but just for weeks, but if you going to stay for months is
    better to connect the phone with a Korean carrier..
    So your choice is cancel the service & reopen
    it when returned..Check with verizon
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    11-15-2016 09:33 PM

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