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    I am trying with latest AndroidAuto(2.0). I have some observations below:

    1. Connect AndroidAuto and start AndroidAuto projection.
    2. Then click on VR icon(top right), VR session will be started.
    3. We can send AAP_KEYCODE_SEARCH to MD to cancel ongoing VR session
    4. When i sent AAP_KEYCODE_SEARCH to MD, VR session is cancelled but
    heard some tone at the end.

    This end tone is audible only in some phones like Nexus 5(Android Version : 6.0.1), LG G3 (Android Version : 6.0)
    but it is not heard in other phones like Nexus 6p(Android Version : 6.0.1), LG G4(Android Version : 6.0)

    Is this an issue or AndroidAuto feature?

    If it a AndroidAuto feature why end tone is audible only in few MD devices?
    11-17-2016 05:21 AM

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