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    Son's Samsung SGH-i437 is caught in a bootloop that has about a 35-45 second interval. The device is rooted. Clock is locked as of 14 October 16 at 2230hours. I can boot into CWM Recovery with out a problem. Pulled the microSD card and SIM card. When in Recovery I've tried every option Wipe cache, wipe data, wipe davlik cache, format data, factory reset/restore all to no avail. I've also tried flashing new image via recovery (install zip from storage/sd card) also fails.

    I haven't tried using ADB as yet. There is only about 500mb open on the 4 GB device.
    What should I try next? Trash can or recycling seems to be the likely outcome at this point,
    11-17-2016 02:39 PM

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