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    Hello all. If anyone could help me with this question that would be wonderful.

    I'm looking at the Galaxy Note Pro (2014) and the Galaxy Tablet A (with S Pen)

    I want an android tablet with the best response to an S Pen to draw and create sketches.
    Screen Quality and best overall Android device a plus.

    What I see as a difference between the two are (A) the new Galaxy Tab A (with stylus) is brand new, a fairly decent screen (1920 X 1200). Where the Note Pro is older, but it has a higher quality screen, bigger screen, faster processor (Please correct me if I'm wrong)

    Which device is more sensitive and in tune with the pressure sensor digitizer for the s pen. Has the best battery.

    The tablet also needs to connect to WiFi and able to download applications (that I've purchased in the past, applications for the s pen and applications from 3rd party sources "aka" not the app store).

    From what I see, it seems as though the Note Pro, even though it is almost 3 years old, surpasses the Galaxy Tablet A (with stylus) even though it is newer.

    If there's not that much difference for what I need it for, as much or as little information is really appreciated.

    Again, thank you again in advance. If you have the Note Pro, and had the chance to upgrade to the Tablet A, would you and why? Is it able to update to the latest Android OS and is it still fast? If you have the Tablet A with or without the Stylus (there's two or three versions) do you enjoy it and is the screen and speed good?

    Also, if there is any different Android tablet with HD-4K screen and (Pen with Pressure sensitivity) I would love to hear about it.

    Thank you Again! Happy Holidays!!
    11-19-2016 12:43 AM

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