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    I’ve got a Huawei, Honor phone (Che2-L11), which won’t start.
    When it starts up it says:
    “EmergencyData, The user data partition cannot be used again, please select: Backup, Factory Reset, Reboot”

    If I select Factory reset I come to Huawei Recovery 1.0, EMUI, where I can select: Reboot system now, Apply update from sdcard, wipe data/factory reset, Wipe cache partition.

    I think “apply update” is the way to go (I have tried the others, but without success). But what file shall I store to the SD card?

    I downloaded the Che2-L11_Firmware_Android 6.0_EMUI 4.0.. zip file. If I unzip it, it gives me an instruction to place the update.app in a folder called dload on the sdcard. But EMUI gives me the response “The Ota package update.zip is not found!”
    I have also tried to store the complete .zip file but with the same result.

    What is the difference of internal SD card and external SD card?

    Many thanks!

    PS. I don’t care if the data is lost on the phone, I just want it up and running again
    11-19-2016 04:16 AM

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