1. AC Question's Avatar
    I have a galaxy tab a, and find myself unable to transfer any apps to my micro SD card. Its running android 6.0.1 (marshmallow). Does the software not allow apps to transfer or can it be fixed?
    11-19-2016 10:15 PM
  2. Nicholas Muniz's Avatar
    I have an LG STYLO 2 PLUS running the same version of marshmallow. I've had pleny of friends on 6.0. That formatted their sd card into internal storage( what I was planning on doing) and going about it that way. That was one of the main selling points of the marshmallow software,I'm stuck in the same boat you are. I would root my phone but when my parents went back to AZ they took my laptop by mistake. I believe your phone is rootable with kingroot,if u want to go that route
    11-19-2016 10:44 PM

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