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    i have a galaxy j3. I've been using my home wifi with no problems through AT&T. I noticed a few days ago the wifi wasn't on so i slid down the screen and tried to push it to connect it and nothing. I tried turning the switch on through the settings and it showed it was trying to turn on but went back off again. I called support I was walked through a lot of steps nothing worked. So I was told to do a factory reset and that didn't work either. I'm now stuck on the sign up wizard it won't go pass the wifi screen. I try turning it on still nothing. No wifi connections are shown. All my other devices are still connected and working fine. I can't push next to bypass the screen. It's in limbo and I'm lost. If I can't connect how can I get pass this screen or even manually set up the connection?
    11-21-2016 04:04 PM

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