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    On nexus 6p google fit, have had S-health & noom walk.
    I use the pedometer at work, walk 10; 300ft barns, 4 passes each. Drive from barn to barn. All the apps keep counting steps when driving. Fit has so much potential but is useless. The actual time walking varies so much day to day & is totally inaccurate. Steps are counted when driving, making the data useless. On fit it has a start motion detection on front page to shut it off you have to go hunting thru settings to find it. both should be front and centre side by each. I turn fit on, walk for 10 min and nothing shows up, then all of a sudden large numbers appear.
    Is there something out there suited for this type of usage, or should I just forget about it.
    11-22-2016 05:30 AM

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