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    I am running a Google Nexus 5X and I got Android 7.0 on the day it came out and my phone updated absolutely fine, everything was right, it said android 7.0 on the system settings or whatever that page is called. I left it a week and a bit or so with that and then a notification pops up "Install Android 7.0" I had a check and my system settings were still saying Android 7.0. I did it anyway, and again it happened a week or so later and now once more. I'm just updating it again as I type this out.

    Any ideas what's going on? It's not a huge issue, just a little inconvenient to have to do this to get the notification to go away. I think we can all agree that a notificationless phone is a good phone.
    11-22-2016 12:28 PM

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