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    Good Evening,

    I might be being a right numpty here, so please bare with me..loll

    I have an SD card in my phone, and because the internal storage is abysmal, I have set the settings on camera to save to SD card, and also in internet advanced settings, also rebooted the phone.

    When I go to the gallery, the pics are always in there (Camera folder....which I presumed is the folder on the device rather than the SD card)

    So I delete the picture out of the gallery, and it disappears from SD card.

    The reason Im a little confused, is that whenever I take a few pics or video, I get a warning pop up saying Im very low on storage, well the phone storage is rubbish I know that, but there is 12gb of space left on the SD card, so if they are saving JUST to the SD card, why am I getting an error about low storage, as if they are saving to the phone?

    Thank you for your time
    11-23-2016 06:43 PM

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