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    I have an LG G4, with T mobile through Jump on Demand. I'm broke and unemployed, any money spent is money that impacts food, medicine, moving down the line. I like expandable storage, water\dust resistance\proofing, battery life, call quality, intensive phone, app, video use.

    My options:
    1) Spend $300 not including tax and accessories ($80 lease payments, $120 own the phone, $100 trade in + $taxes) and get 2 year commitment to no payments Samsung Galaxy S7 on Black Friday with the VR, oculus (not sure I care)
    2) In 3 months, when I have to turn in the LG G4, hope that I can even get Amazon's cheapest Blu phone, just so I still have a tool to continue the hunt for survival
    3) pay $120 to keep the out of warranty LG G4 that might brick and has heating and microphone issues, if I have it. Cost me an additional insurance copay of ridiculousness
    4) A miracle happens and my employment situation turns around enough that in addition to everything else, I can get something comparable to my LG G4 and reliable.
    11-23-2016 08:05 PM
  2. washuai's Avatar
    whelp, no one replied. I did get some other feedback. In general, my friends and family feel that the S7 is worth it. It was teeth pulling 4 hours on the damn phone, but T mobile finally took my money and I await the arrival of S7 in the mail. Time will tell, I'm hoping I'm happy for the next two years with the S7. I'll probably be happier, once I have a decent external battery bank and a wireless charger.
    11-25-2016 09:55 PM

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