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    Ex: I want to read something in clipboard, edit or erase something? Or my anti virus scan tells me something there might not be safe. I opened S Note (could have chosen email or something else where text can be created and saved with keyboard) to access clipboard but you must create and edit a document within the parameters of the app. If I think of it I often try to save things in my gallery even if I don't really want it there because there seem to be more options to work with it after that. Is this my only option to save and work with something I want to remember from the internet?
    Thank you for your help. j
    11-25-2016 01:31 PM
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    The clipboard was originally intended to save things you copy or cut (only the last one - it replaced the next-to-last) and to paste them. Samsung added the ability to actually access "the clipboard" - which is just an area of RAM. But you're still limited by the app you're running - since it's the app that actually "accesses" the "clipboard". You have to copy something to the clipboard first, you can't "save" part of a web page to nothing - which is what you're starting with if you don't copy (or cut) something first.
    11-25-2016 02:59 PM

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