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    This issue is relating to music bought from google store.

    On the top of my home screen I have a caution symbol and when I pull down the menu the detail reads "can't download music, not enough space."

    When I click the detail I am forwarded to a download queue where 4 songs I've bought are showing with a grey download symbol next to each.

    Clicking on the download symbol prompts the following message:

    Storage Unavailable

    The selected storage device has been removed. To keep music, please insert the storage device or select a different download storage location from settings.

    To clarify, the SD card is inserted and has 66gb of free space available.

    So following the instructions given by this message I go to settings > storage > SD card. The only options are unmount and format. So I can't do what the message told me to which I find stupid.

    Next I tried unmounting the SD card and re-inserting it. I formatted the card. I made sure I was signed into the same account I used to purchase the song. I then deleted a song in an attempt to re-download it.

    None of this fixed the issue and the song I deleted now won't sync even though the store recognises I purchased it with my account. It just says "your music is being added, please wait a moment or try again." Well, three hours is a long moment.

    Try various searchs for help and cannot find anything on my particular issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated before I hurl my phone at the wall.

    11-26-2016 05:07 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure the music stores to the internal SD card. How much memory do you have there? Go into system settings - storage.
    11-26-2016 05:12 PM

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