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    Hi guys, I place an order for both phones, one for me and one for my wife but I'm having 2nd thoughts on my x pure as I know the g4 plus has a 4gb ram vs 3 on the pure, plus the finger print on the g4 plus.

    Also, the g4 plus will definitely get the os upgrade to 7.0, did a quick search and it looks like the x pure will get one too but I wonder if the g4 plus will get more upgrades been a 2016 model.

    Need to point out that the phones I'm getting are unloked. Need to decide as soon as I can, price difference is just $40.

    A bit about me, I use it for heavy Web browsing, lots of Google maps, no gaming, photos and videos.

    Concern also in battry life.

    ThanKS for any help.
    11-27-2016 11:47 AM

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