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    Since the 0.47.1 Android update, the Majority of Pokemons I've been capturing, has been appraised at the lowest level (for Valor, that is the 'may not be great in battle').
    I usually catch them and take a look afterwards to see what kind of appraisail I get.
    After the update, I captured a whole bunch, about 70 or so, and out of them, 50-60 were appraised as may not be great, which seems disproportionately high.

    Quite a few of them I catch on my bus to work, but this shouldn't make a difference. I think I also noticed hat some I'd favorite because they were good, was changed to a lower appraisal.

    If anyone has seen this happen as well could you let me know?

    11-28-2016 07:01 AM
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    Ehhmm... Greetings from Pl

    I mean Welcome to Android Central.

    There are a few of You out there in the wild as well ... so we locked them in this cag... forum :


    Meals once a week.

    I'm sure there are other little furry things on other buses.

    A lot of us on this forum are old fogeys.
    Though I'm sure if I got started on PG...

    Please register a username and join in the discussions and questions there. You may not get enough views on this any question forum. Good luck.

    Look - > there's one.... > !
    11-28-2016 09:36 AM

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