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    Hi guys, I am using a Galaxy S4 and my friend just bought the iPhone 7 Plus. Today, we did two voice recordings with his phone and then I downloaded them with Gmail because an Android phone with an iOS one cannot get paired with Bluetooth. Anyway, I got the voice recording and it was an .m4a file as expected. When I get a recording from another phone (like my friends' S6 edge) and it is in .m4a format, it appears in my list just like if I did the recording. Not the same with these two recordings today. Instead of appearing in my voice recordings list, they appear in my Music app. I tried converting the file to .mp3 and then back to .m4a, but that didn't change anything. I saw the properties of the files and under "Format" it said that the iPhones's recordings were audio/mp4 files and that's why they appear in my Music app and I haven't found a solution yet. Any ideas?
    12-02-2016 03:33 PM

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