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    I know the edge feature is a "thing" right now 4 mating a case and screen protector.

    I've always used Otterbox, but as with the Note 7, their built in screen protector has issues laying flat on the screen, due 2 the edge feature.

    I work in a rough environment, hence, I need heavy duty protection.

    I tried Zizo Bolt. Pretty decent. Not right-handed friendly. (Tanaab glass protector works with it.)

    I now have the Unicorn Beetle Supcase Pro.
    So far, I really like it. Fits like a glove, still slim, comes with a holster and is pretty rugged. I'd comfortably put it up against Otterbox. And its way cheaper. $17.

    However, I cannot find a quality clear glass screen protector with the curved edges 2 mate with it. Their 'top piece' covers the top of the colored part of the phone. But not the bottom, which pretty much eliminates the "case-friendly" protectors.

    I've reached out 2 the company 4x now 4 help/suggestions, but no luck. I think they must b complete idiots based on their replies.
    Or their replies r computer generated, b/c their 'help' is completely useless. And I was VERY specific with my questions by the 4th attempt.

    That would b my only complaint so far with Beetle Pro. The terrible communication and no ph. no. 4 customer support.

    I hope sum of my info was helpful 2 whoever may have needed it.

    The main issue, of course, is needing help finding the best screen protection with my phone n case.

    Thanks in advance.
    12-03-2016 11:20 AM