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    Hello I love my phone and had it around June this year but I began shutting itself down about 3 months ago. Strangely mostly on a Tuesday but not always. I go to check my phone and find it wont respond, has a black screen, or tries to come on and freezes but mostly a black screen. It is sometimes quite hot. I found out how to do the soft reset with the power and down volume and that brings it back on but the battery will have fallen drastically. I followed some instructions to partition the cache but that didn't stop it. Now I have found that if, say on a Tuesday when I think it is most likely to happen, I keep an eye on the RAM and if it gets really high (over 85%) I do a normal restart, the RAM falls back to around 40% and then the phone does not shut down. The provider - Vodafone - will send it off but then that leaves me without a phone for ages and I also have to find out how to save all my contacts, pictures etc onto the lap top (not hard I know but for a middle aged woman it requires a bit more exploration and uncertainty LOL). Does any of this make sense and has anyone got any suggestions that will save me sending the phone back - apart from this issues it works fine. Oh my hubby has bought me a gear2 for Christmas so I am concerned that this shutting down problem wont please the watch very well.
    12-06-2016 05:09 AM

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