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    Hello, we have a chromecast 2nd gen hooked up to our TV. I am using a Nexus 5x, wife is using an iPhone 6. Both are connecting and steaming fine individually.

    Problem scenario:

    Wife begins casting to TV with Netflix on her phone.

    I then open Netflix to view something else locally on my phone, it takes over the cast automatically. I do not hit the cast button. I do not hit the gray control looking bar at the bottom of the screen. If she initiates the cast on Netflix, anything I do on Netflix takes over what she does. If I close out of Netflix, the stream stops and she has to open it back up again and restart it. This has also occurred in YouTube in a test. Essentially when one person is using an app on their phone and casting, no one else on the network can use that same app on another device without it taking over the cast.

    Behaves normally if she is casting Netflix, and I watch something on YouTube, ABC app etc. But anytime we try to run the same app and one of us is casting, it's essentially impossible.

    Very obnoxious. I don't understand why/how Chromecast can take over other people's devices that aren't even involved in the casting. I don't recall this being an issue until recently, so maybe it's update related but I can't be sure. Any ideas?
    12-06-2016 08:21 AM
  2. anon(632115)'s Avatar
    It is simply because you are using the same network. Chromecast can't handle more than 1. If you have a dual band router create to SSIDs, call one Chromecast and use the other for non Chromecast wifi
    12-06-2016 09:58 AM

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