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    I'm asking this question again with more details.
    I had no issues answering an incoming call from my car navigation system - Hands Free - directly until about 2-3 weeks ago. The caller would be displayed on the navigation system and I could here the ringing.

    There may have been a software update - but now - I cannot hear the call or see anything on the navigation system when a call comes in - but there is a small square with a "cross" next to a head of a person.

    If I call out - once the person answers the call a tab displaying "private" lights up and if I push that tab - the call is routed through the Bluetooth so I can talk hands free.

    The Privacy settings is disabled / not turned on my phone - so I don't know why this privacy tab is showing up on my navigation system.

    Do you think this is Samsung setting issue with the switch update ? If so how do I fix it?
    12-07-2016 05:30 PM

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