1. AC Question's Avatar
    I have a Blu Life One X 2016, and just in the past few days a little yellow bubble with red writing that says "win" with 2 phones, the front and back view, will pop up on my home screen on the right side in the middle, and stays there no matter what screen I swipe to. I have to click on it for it to finally go away, and when I do it comes up with a purple slot machine that says "jackpot" at the top, with 3 android smiley faces that spin, and a "Go" button to click, with a picture of what looks to be items I can "win" on the bottom. I've clicked the button before hoping it would take me to wherever in the app store thinking it was a game to download, but I only did it once and nothing happened, so I've just been clicking out of it for it to go away for the day, but it keeps appearing only once daily, making it harder for me to pinpoint where it could be from. How do I find out what it is and how to get rid of it?
    12-09-2016 01:59 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Does it persist in Safe Mode?
    12-09-2016 03:05 PM
  3. Tigerl18's Avatar
    That I'm not sure, it only comes up once a day so if it does tomorrow, I'll leave it on my screen & check & see. Is it a bad thing if it does? & if it doesn't, any suggestions on how to get rid of it?
    12-09-2016 05:58 PM
  4. belodion's Avatar
    It may originate in some third-party app. If so, the problem will stop when you boot into Safe Mode, which disables such apps. In that case, after exiting Safe Mode, you'd have to identify the app responsible, and uninstall it.

    It may not be a third-party app causing it, but it's worth trying first since it's so easy.

    Welcome as a new member.
    12-09-2016 07:01 PM
  5. Javier P's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. For some people this icon is related to TouchPal. Do you have this app installed in your phone?

    Take a look here.

    12-09-2016 07:53 PM
  6. Tigerl18's Avatar
    Thanks guys , and yes I do have touchpal, but it's pre-installed on my phone and I can't uninstall it, but I did download one of their emoji keyboards when I first got my phone which was back in Feb. and I think that recently updated, I uninstalled it to see if that could've been it. My husband has the same phone and he has a lot of the same stuff on his as I do, but neither of us have enough space for the apps to update automatically haha, I just happened to delete something a few days ago and noticed some things needed updating so I updated them. I'll just delete each app day by day to see if anything gets rid of it to know the culprit.
    12-09-2016 10:13 PM

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