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    I need help with Huawei Y6 II (Android 6.0) and parental app combination.

    I recently did buy new phone for my kid. Before he had Samsung Galaxy J2 (Android 5.1) and parental app (Kid Control) installed. Everything did work just OK.

    But after installed same app (Kid Control) to new phone (Huawei Y6 II, Android 6.0), problems started.

    Seems like Android often kills phone's background data, location services or even KidControl too.

    Usually this not happens as long phone is connected to charger. But sometimes KidControl just doesn't update location and shows as my kid's phone is not connected to internet (but I am sure, it is connected because I can make internet calls to phone and talk to my kid with no problem). Usually, when this happens, I can still see kid's phone battery charging through KidControl app.

    Sometimes I can help to "wake up" KidControl by calling (internet or regular calls) to my kid's phone. But this not working when app is offline already longer time.

    Common is, that after my kid's phone screen was turned off and phone is not used by him, after some time KidControl stops send GPS locations (after this using only mobile cellular data locations - LBS) and after some more time it stops to send LBS locations too and is going totally offline.

    Sometimes I see that after all night offline (no locations, no internet connection showing in app), when previously set alarm rings on my kid's phone and he starts to use his phone again - KidControl starts to work again with no user intervention or pushing.

    Sometimes app stops working very fast (after 4-5 minutes from manually turned ON).

    Just for checking that it's not only KidControl problem, I did install another parental app (My Family). Both apps are rated high in Google apps. Users are happy. But in my case MyFamily acts exactly same as KidControl in my kid's phone.

    I did already search for solutions from everywhere. I did contact app developers and asked him for help. They say that apps must work good and without problems with Android 6.0. They did show me their android 6 settings and I did check and corrected what needed in my kid's phone But nothing helps.

    Here are most important settings, what are checked, but apps still doesn't work good:
    Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    Settings > Apps > *App Name*> Data
    1) Mobile data - ALLOWED (GREEN)
    2) Wi-Fi - ALLOWED (GREEN)
    3) Background data - ALLOWED (GREEN)

    Settings > Apps > *App Name*> Battery
    1) Power-intensive prompt - ALLOWED (GREEN)
    2) Keep running after screen off - ALLOWED (GREEN)

    Settings > Apps > Advanced > Ignore (battery) optimisations
    *App name* - ALLOWED (GREEN) CORRECT OR NOT????? (Does green mean "allowed ignoring" or "allowed optimisations"?)

    Settings > Advanced > Battery Manager > Protected apps
    *App name*- ALLOWED (GREEN)

    Settings > Advanced > Battery Manager > Power Plan

    Settings > Advanced > Battery Manager > Power usage firewall
    KidControl is in list and ALLOWED (selected green tick)
    MyFamily is NOT IN LIST (Why?)

    Settings > Apps > Data Usage
    Mobile data - ALLOWED (GREEN)
    Background Data - ALLOWED (GREEN)

    Settings > Advanced > Location Settings
    High Accuracy

    Settings > Advanced > Location Settings > Auxiliary Location Settings
    GPS Acceleration - ALLOWED (GREEN)

    App Power Info
    Power Intensive Prompt - ON (GREEN)
    System Wakeup - ? (Not sure now. If important, I will check)
    Keep Running After Screen Off - ALLOWED (GREEN)

    Network Scan Settings
    Wi-Fi Scanning - ALLOWED (GREEN)
    Bluetooth Scanning - ALLOWED (GREEN)

    Advanced Wi-Fi > Keep Wi-Fi On During Sleep
    Set to ALWAYS

    Networked Apps > Installed Apps > *App Name*
    Mobile Data - ALLOWED (Selected green tick)
    Wi-Fi - ALLOWED (Selected green tick)

    I know about Doze in Android 6. I think that everything what is wrong now, is because of this feature.

    Do I need to have excluded from optimizing some more services/apps for getting parental apps to work all time and send out location?

    I know that from "Battery->Battery Optimization" is also possible to disable Doze for specific apps.
    But my kid can't find how to enter "Battery" in his phone. He did find only Battery Manager (in "Settings->Advanced") but this looks not same (can not see there battery using level etc). How to find this?

    Is it possible without root to turn OFF this Doze totally? Beause it looks like whitelists doesn't work at all.

    Please help me to find solutions for these problems. My kid and me are living in different countries now and I really need this app working so much to know, that he is ok at home/school etc.
    12-10-2016 07:20 AM