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    I have my eyes on Moto Z Play here in India and I just have one question.

    will snapdragon 625 be able to perform this smoothly after 18-20 months, as I will be definately keeping this phone for that much time, before I upgrade in future.

    every other aspect is lovely of Z Play, the SOC is something I am concerned about as I would not like to buy a new phone after a year coz 625 cant handle apps or certain multitasking after that time. (Keeping in mind that I am a moderate user).

    Kindly help, should I invest in this or put some more money and go for OP3 or 3T, for future proofness?

    thanks in advance...
    12-11-2016 02:10 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    The Snapdragon 625 will handle moderate tasks with no difficulty.
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    12-11-2016 04:24 PM
  3. instigate666's Avatar
    Thanks a lot mate...

    It was my only concern about going for that phone, it should last 20 months atleast with moderate usage, else will have to go for OP3T.

    12-13-2016 03:09 PM