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    Ok, so my headphone jack is broke on my S7. (headphones wont stay in and nothing plays). I was gonna have it fix so I went to the carrier who my phone is with and they told me it takes 3 weeks for them to decide what the problem is, ( Physical or Internal) and after the three weeks if I decide to get the repair I get charged $35 off the bat and have to wait another 2-3 weeks to get it back. So I decided I am just gonna go to a 3rd party repair place and have it repaired there. Went to 4 different ones and not a single one would do it. I then thought maybe there is a case that I can just put on my case that uses the micro USB and has the headphone jack built into it. Like a battery case with this. If there is can you let me know. If I can't find one then I guess I have to buy Bluetooth headphones from now on.....
    12-13-2016 03:08 PM