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    Hi all,

    My old Galaxy S3 started freezing randomly during the day and always while charging overnight. Although I now have a S7, I tried to fix the S3 for my girlfriend (and not produce too much electronic waste for the environment). I have gotten this far:
    I can do factory reset and everything works fine for days (Android 4.3, without SIM card, but with WLAN) until I log into any google account, even a fresh dummy one with no data on it. The phone freezes usually a couple of hours after last use and I have to remove the battery to revive it. It also freezes overnight while charging usually with the green LED then still on. However if I disable WLAN, everything is fine again. Seems like my phone is allergic to google accounts when they call home.
    The phone was rooted, but meanwhile I also unrooted with ODIN (but did not reset the Flashcounter) without any improvement.

    Any idea what could be wrong and how I can save the phone ?


    12-15-2016 02:54 PM