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    I purchased a Moto X from the U.S. on eBay, originally a U.S. Cellular version. I'm trying to use the phone in Italy on Vodafone. I reset the phone to factory settings and transferred my SIM from my old phone. I went through the process of setting up the phone but when it gets to the activation it fails and says the phone will try again when I restart. I can still go through the rest of the process (except setting up my Google Account which I'll come back to) and when complete, I can make calls, receive texts, etc. An "Activation Incomplete" message is displayed on the quick menu but again, I'm mostly able to use the phone. The only thing that does not seem to work is adding my Google Account which I'm not sure if this is related to the activation failing or not. When I try to log into any Google Services I get a message "Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped." I've tried resetting the phone several times and the same issue occurs. Any ideas?
    12-16-2016 08:04 AM