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    My Samsung Galaxy s4 is a couple of years old. It had trouble holding a charge, so I got a new battery and problem was fixed for awhile. After several months, its back to not holding a charge. I usually charge it overnight so its at 100% in the morning. It almost instantly drops charge, sometimes down to 90% or as low as 69%. Other times, it might show 70%, I'll send a text, and it drops to 24% or other similar craziness. Sometimes it will stay on for an hour and allow a few texts or calls. Sometimes it dies instantly, wthin the first minute. About once a week it will hold the charge like a normal phone for a couple or hours. Inconsistent and not dependable. If I try to use maps or anything with location services turned on, it will die immediately, so I leave that off.
    12-17-2016 09:39 PM
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    My first thought is... where did you get the replacement battery? Is it an OEM Samsung battery? If it wasn't, then chances are it's the problem. 3rd party batteries can have very short life spans. I would get another battery and replace it. Try to get an OEM battery, or at least a 3rd party like Anker. I can't really vouch for Anker, because I only use OEM, but many people here have had good luck with them and they supposedly have very good customer support. For an OEM battery, you might try AC's own store. They go on sale every once in a while, for a day, so you have to check often. Also check your carrier store as they'll most probably carry OEM.
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    12-17-2016 10:20 PM

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