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    Hi Guys! Something weird going on here. I am an owner of a HTC 10. Actually battery is absolutely great from hardware perspective but it seems to be draining at a huge pace when there is a 4G connection available. Now, when I say connection available, this doesn't mean that it's draining while data usage is on. Phone seems to be changing network modes whenever he likes to although setting is set to be 2G/3G/4G. When I am able to connect to a 4G, battery starts draining like I am gaming even the screen is locked and no apps are running in the background. The issue with the battery is gone when I am no longer to connect to a 4G but only to 2G and sometimes 3G. I've asked HTC support several times for a possible fix but they only advise me to do a cache wipe or factory reset. None of them fixes the problem. Do you think this might be a Kernel issue? May it possibly fix when Android 7 is available for HTC 10?
    12-18-2016 02:31 PM

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