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    Hi, got a new Huawei P9, and while I like the phone, I'm having trouble connecting to wifi, regardless of whether I'm at home or about or even abroad.
    It either drops out very quickly after connecting (at Dusseldorf airport, for instance, from where I've returned to the UK today), or - even worse - claims "network access denied" (I couldn't get access to my sister's wifi in Germany when I was there, although my phone initially connected fine, but then after just a short while no joy anymore). Here at home, I've got a brandnew EE rooter, and I've not been able to connect to it, although it works fine with my PC.
    Have emptied cache, have powered phone off, all no good.
    One theory (so somebody in a phone shop in Germany said) apparently is it's to do with the security setting of the rooter, a "Mac"-setting that needs to be switched off and that you do that by logging into the rooter. Hell, how to do that?? And also, I can't tell other people to do that to enable my iffy phone to connect! Getting very frustrated.
    Please help, thanks!!
    12-20-2016 08:27 AM

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