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    In Android 6.0 can not find one app (MacroDroid) in Ignore optimisation list.
    I can't also find it in Power Usage Firewall apps list.
    In Settings -> Apps -> MacroDroid, I can not go to Battery, because this selection is not available (greyed out). So I can't check there is this app allowed for:
    1) Power-intensive prompt
    2) Keep running after screen off

    This app is still listed in Settings -> Apps. And it is listed also in Settings -> Advanced -> Battery Manager -> Protected apps (as protected).

    Why this app is not listed and no have settings available for Ignore Optimisations and Power Usage Firewall lists? Why Battery is not available in this app settings?

    I want to put it to Doze whitelist but can't do this.

    Phone is Huawei Y6 II (2016)
    12-26-2016 11:39 AM

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