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    I've been trying for weeks to work on this myself, but I'm stuck. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 through StraightTalk/TracFone (Walmart). It runs on Android 4.3, and I've learned that StraightTalk does not push OTA updates to the Android system. I love the phone but the outdated Android is starting to cause problems--I have apps that I love and use every day that now are no longer working because they aren't supported.

    I tried Samsung Kies and found out that doesn't work for my device. Then tried Samsung SmartSwitch, but it doesn't offer me an update. Finally I tried Odin...but when I search my model number on Sammobile, the only firmware it offers is what I already have (4.3).

    Does that mean it is impossible for me to update it? Like no newer version of Android is compatible with my phone? I know the phone is old, but I like it and don't have any issues otherwise, so I'd rather not buy a new one.

    Thank you!
    12-27-2016 05:03 PM
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    If this is still an issue for you (Dec 2016 vs. Jun 2017), I'm having the same problem, & it seems the answer may be no due to straighttalk's lock config. Info with my problem & the replies here --

    06-22-2017 09:22 AM

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