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    Hello, I have a huge problem with my Motorola Moto 360 v1 watch. I am using it with my iPhone 5 (iOS 10.2). It looks like it works, I can easiyl pair it, but then, after I get too far away with my phone and the bluetooth connection is lost, it does not matter whatever I do, I put the phone right near the watch, I restart the phone, restart the watch, turn off and turn on the Bluetooth, unpair (in iOS, not on the watch) the device, it will not connect together again. I need to unpair the watch (it will automatically factory reset itself) and then pair it again. But as soon as the bluetooth connection losts, I am not able to reconnect it. And as soon as the watch needs 80% battery to pair again, it is not possible to do this process during the day regularly like 10 or more times. Can anyone please help me? I do not want to sell my watch or switch to android phone (I will, but after maybe 4 months, Apple is constantly pissing me off). Please help me guys, I am getting mad from this.
    12-29-2016 06:05 AM

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