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    So I bought a new phone, HTC One M8s. At first days the camera focused perfectly, but after some days I started noticing, that the focusing is different then previously. It can't focus almost everything. If I hold my phone a little bit further (about 20cm) it can focus. If I hold it closer the little square gets green, like it succeed focusing. But it doesn't. So, does it has to be like that?
    12-29-2016 10:45 AM
  2. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    Each device has a minimum focus distance. However, my LG G4 focuses much closer than 20 cm.
    What happens if you tap on area you want to focus on?
    12-29-2016 05:19 PM
  3. Asdfhdjsdj's Avatar
    Well, I mentioned that in first days the phone have focused closer than now. When I tap the object which I wanna focus there appears a square and it turns green even if it didnt succeed focusing
    12-30-2016 09:37 AM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    Have you tried an app with Macro-focus? How close will it focus that way? A Better Camera should focus closer than 20cm in Macro mode (mine does).

    (20cm is closer than a normal camera design would call for - it's about half the normal macrofocus distance.)
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    12-30-2016 12:50 PM

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